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It's our business to protect You. We can't do enough to review each policy for what a family requires and make sure the policy covers them well.

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Mark was very helpful when I sent in my auto quote request by showing me online the information required by my carrier. He helped me fill out the information and was able to get a quote quickly. Now I have been with Sullivan for more than 5 years! Great Customer Service

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I had a number of things that I needed to review in my homeowners policy and better understand. There had been a couple of changes to my home and I purchased a boat and wanted to make sure all these things were covered. Peter took the time to review the details with me and redid the policy. I couldn’t have done it alone. Thank You Sullivan Insurance

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Having a business comes with a lot of risk. I met with Sullivan Insurance and they provided a free consultation and presented all the options my business would need and by the end of the meeting I was sure and confident in the direction I needed to take and signed before I left. Relief!

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I’m getting older –now over 60--and I realized a life insurance policy would be good to have for me and my family. I read the options on websites but it was so helpful to have someone go thru the details with me. I filled out a quote form and sent it to Sullivan Insurance and got a call to review the details. Within a day they got back to me, verified the details we has wanted and I signed. Simple as that.

I am a business owner for three years now and needed business insurance a year after I started. Peter was great in outlining the many important factors in the insurance I needed. We relook at it every year and found it's solid as it was 2 years ago.

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Ronald Arone Owner, Engineer Consultant Firm

why our clients likes us

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